Find out about our upcoming and past events.

Virtual Lean Summit

Barriers to achieving a Lean Culture and how to overcome them

People Power Event

Embracing conflict in change

Digital Transformation Event

Is Digital Nirvana Possible?

Indeed Employer Community

How Lean Six Sigma can influence talent attraction

Think Green, Go Lean

How the Lean Green approach promotes a Circular Economy

Virtual Lean Summit

Providing you with a wealth of practical applications for Lean tools


Hillingdon Business Expo

Organised by the Hillingon Chamber of Commerce



Women in FM Conference

Celebrating Women in FM and Customer Excellence


Women in Business Expo

International Conference featuring Karren Brady

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Crisis Planning

How to respond to the impacts of COVID-19

Harnessing the Creative Genius

ITEM Conference, Ukraine

Lean Six Sigma in Digital Transformation

BOT event, Orlando

Harrow Business Den

Proud sponsors of Harrow Business Den

Operationalising Lean Six Sigma in Prisons

Lean Summit, Colorado


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