About Us

We are exactly what we say on our tin: a team of value-adding, continuous improvers. We always achieve positive change by operating by our principles.

About Us


CI Projects was created in 2012 as an alternative to overly generic, high cost approaches to solving business challenges. The ambition was to establish a reputable company that operates with transparency and integrity.

Since then we have grown into a bustling family of innovative thinkers and practitioners. As a team, we like to shine our lightbulbs brightly and illuminate the strengths and opportunities for those we work with.  We choose creative and practical solutions over stock-standard, cookie-cutter solutions. We don’t deliver death-by-Power Point style fixes but a more interactive and effective approach.

Our team is intentionally composed of a diverse mix of professionals, from different walks of life and backgrounds, who all share the passion and appetite to deliver positive results. We see ourselves as a truly 21st-century partner to organisational change and the business landscape. As individuals, we all share a belief in diversity and equality and we put our people where their particular flare and passion will best suit a project. We’re not just bums on seats, we’re the best-suited people to serve your continuous improvement needs.

Our diverse workforce of change and transformation specialists boasts extensive experience across an array of sectors including Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Central Government,  Sustainable Manufacturing and Science and Technology.

The rapid growth of CI Projects across multiple sectors has been the result of a specific set of values that have underpinned our work over the years with a broad range of organisations; Collaboration , Integrity and Passion. We don’t just preach the Lean Six Sigma principles, we live and breathe them by putting our customers at the heart of our operation. Over time, the company has expanded to meet the growing demand from new and existing clients; a demand that has been generated by word of mouth, demonstrating the integral reputation that our team have built.

Our vision is to be the ‘go to’ consultancy for organisations looking to drive efficiencies, profitability and improve customer experience.



We’re not an external consultancy; we’re an in-house partner who shares your ambitions, challenges and objectives for implementing successful business solutions.


We don’t measure our effectiveness on days charged, we measure on output only.


We’re not interested in a long stay in your organisation; we provide realistic and sustainable solutions so that you can carry the baton after we have gone.


We’re not believers in cookie-cutter solutions. We make the effort to understand the challenges that are unique to your organisation and the solutions that will respond accordingly.

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