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Organisational Change

Infographic: How to change an organisational culture

Lean Six Sigma

A simple reference guide for Lean Six Sigma Practitioners

About Us

Infographic: About us and our services

Voice of the Customer

Infographic: Customer engagement strategies

Project Management

Infographic: Project management methodology comparison

Project Sponsorship

Infographic: Characteristics of a successful Project Sponsor

5 Laws of Lean

Infographic: Process Improvement Principles


Infographic: Characteristics of an effective Board

Process Efficiency

Infographic: 5 Day Process Improvement


Boost Efficiency

Infographic: Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma Training

5S System

Infographic: Safe, efficient & intuitive workspace

Lessons Learned

Infographic: Spotlight on Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Log

Tool: FREE tool to capture Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Brief

Tool: Capture Lessons Learned session outcomes

Lean Thinking

Infographic: Lean Thinking approach

Quality & Speed in Sustainable Recovery

Research Report: Post COVID-19 Recovery

Lean-Green Push to Pull Model

Tool: FREE tool to develop positive forces for sustainable change


Lean-Green Sustainability Solutions Matrix

Tool: FREE tool to prioritise solutions & make better investment decisions


Pugh Matrix

Tool: FREE Pugh Matrix



Tool: Plan, Do, Check, Act





Tool: Scoping and Communication tool





Fishbone Analysis

Tool: Ishikawa/ Fishbone Diagram





Tool: Process Assessment Tool


RACI Chart

Tool: Roles and Responsibilities


Organisational Health Checklist

Checklist: How healthy is your organisation?

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