CI Projects take the floor at the ITEM Conference in Ukraine

CI Project’s Director, Kiran Kachela, was among the cast of top speakers at Ukraine’s largest IT Business Conference – ITEM.  An annual conference that launched 6 years ago with the goal of showcasing tools and practices for improving/refining projects, products and company cultures. This year, over 600 people were in attendance with 41 speakers from 14 countries.

Kiran’s speech was titled “Harnessing the creative genius within your organisation” and she demonstrated ways in which businesses could promote innovation based on Lean Six Sigma principles.  Can one methodology really create an organisation of incredible people? I hear you ask.  She established that the secret to being a creative genius doesn’t stem from knowing all the answers, but from asking the right questions.

 Drawing on examples of visionaries like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Thomas Edison, Kiran stressed the importance of valuing the voice of the customer, simplifying processes and having a continuous improvement culture.  A culture where failure isn’t punished but embraced as a journey to discovery.  Creative geniuses are not born, but ‘being made’ within any organisation that understands the power of questions, the customer, simplicity and failure. 

To quote Edison, “I haven’t failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.