CI Projects discusses Lean Six Sigma in Orlando

Last month, CI Projects’ Director, Kiran, had the honour of speaking at a technology event in Orlando hosted by Black Orlando Tech, an organisation founded in 2016 with a vision to train and inspire minorities to get into technology.

As an experienced and qualified Black Belt Lean Six Sigma practitioner, Kiran explained the benefits of applying Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to projects. Though its origins are in the manufacturing industry, LSS has become a powerful and proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness in various industries and in all aspects of organisational performance. It is a data driven and customer centric framework that helps businesses continually improve their products and services.

When selecting improvement initiatives, LSS can be useful in choosing the ‘right’ projects to pursue through having a sound understanding of the problems and customer requirements. Once the project has been well-defined, LSS takes you through a process of refinement and deep root-cause analysis to ensure that the project delivers sustainable solutions.

Ambiguous requirements, scope creep, ill-defined business processes, absence of change management and poor sustainability post-delivery are some of the common problems with projects that LSS methodology can help address.

The obvious benefits of combating these problems with LSS are reduced costs, increased profits and improved efficiency and effectiveness. One understated but equally important benefit is the effect on employees – successful LSS projects build the confidence and develop the capability of a business’ most important resource: its people. Studies show that when employees feel that they have a positive effect on the organisation, they perform better and are more accountable.

To truly embrace and capitalise on the LSS principles, the engagement of all stakeholders as well as the project team is vital. CI Projects provide Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma training, which is aimed at all levels of the organisation, to zero-in on its integral continuous improvement principles, tools and techniques. We equip teams with the skills and knowledge they need to apply problem solving and continuous improvement as part of their day jobs.

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