Lean Green Commitment

Waste is not an accident, it's a result of poor design. We can all design out waste and turn it into wealth! The Lean methodology provides a way of optimising people, resources and processes toward creating VALUE by eliminating waste. When combining Lean with environmental consciousness, you achieve a Lean-Green approach that acts as a powerful vehicle for sustainable change.

Our Lean Green Commitment


We’re taking a stand on an issue that lines up with our purpose. Since 2012, we have been working
with our clients on driving efficiency and designing-out waste using Lean Six Sigma principles and
techniques. We have found products and documents being overproduced that nobody uses, poorly
designed and inefficient processes that generate waste, and untapped use of technology to help
reduce carbon footprint.

The Lean Green approach promotes a Circular Economy and is a new way of doing things that brings business benefits, as well as positive social and environmental impacts. The aim is to design out waste and reduce, reuse and recycle what we use. We use our lean and change management
approach to implement new practices, develop new skill sets and cultivate mindsets.

Now is the time for everybody to be thinking about WASTE! We should all be taking responsibility to reduce waste, as it’s good for the People, Planet and Profits. Companies that do good for the
environment and society also do well financially. It’s more than just an act of good corporate
citizenship, it’s good business!

We have launched a Think Green, Go Lean campaign to draw attention to this important cause.
Every month we share tools, information and ideas to help you take Green Steps in your
organisation and be more sustainable. Sign up to our newsletter and follow our social media
channels to stay tuned.

Let’s turn up the heat on reducing waste and turn waste into wealth and protect the environment –
it’s a WIN-WIN!

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