Process Mapping for a Government Tender

Reduced proposal development time by approximately 25%, allowing them to focus on strategic aspects and client-specific tailoring.

How we helped...

Our client, a global Facilities Management company, had a significant tender to submit for a large Government Contract. Their proposal submissions, while technically sound, lacked the clarity and conciseness necessary to stand out in a competitive landscape. Their internal processes were poorly documented, leading to inconsistencies and inefficiencies in proposal development and delivery.

We partnered with our client to implement a comprehensive process mapping initiative specifically tailored for their tender. By working closely with key stakeholders across various departments, we were able to:

  • Identify and analyse existing processes
  • Map and visualise the process
  • Streamline and optimise the processes and ensure they all linked across departments
  • Develop detailed process documentation

The impact of our process mapping initiative was immediate and significant:

  • Reduced proposal development time by approximately 25%, allowing them to focus on strategic aspects and client-specific tailoring.
  • Improved proposal quality: Standardised processes and clear documentation led to more consistent and compelling proposals, showcasing our client’s value proposition more effectively.
  • Increased win rate: By addressing hidden inefficiencies and improving proposal clarity, our client had an increased win rate.
  • Replicable model: The processes we developed were able to be re-used.
  • Enhanced team collaboration: Clearly defined roles and responsibilities within the streamlined process fostered better communication and collaboration.

Through collaborative process mapping, our consultancy empowered our client to transform their tendering approach from chaotic to efficient and effective. With clear maps and streamlined processes, they were able to submit superior proposals, win more contracts, and secure a future powered by success.

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