National Service Desk Improvements

Improved productivity by 10% and identified savings of 5+ FTE, improving performance and enabling teams to re-focus their time on value adding tasks.

How we helped...

Due to a high staff turnover within the team and a lack of clear defined processes, new staff joining the team were reliant on learning from their colleagues which often resulted in variation and inefficient processes. The system was not being used to it’s full capability as teams implemented manual work-arounds due to a lack of trust in the system.

CI Projects was asked to develop clear and efficient to-be processes and a bespoke training programme to upskill employees and ensure that the whole team is working in a consistent manner. Throughout this project, additional opportunities were identified including reviewing the staffing structure which did not align to the required service output, and reducing the amount of manual reporting being carried out.

Current processes were mapped out with front-line staff and Managers, with issues and blockers being identified and captured.

The as-is processes were analysed with the teams and new to-be processes were documented in line with best practice procedures. CI Projects developed a new Service Desk Manual, documenting processes, guidance on systems, client information and SLA’s which was rolled out with the team to be used as a reference guide.

A full review of current reporting was carried out which identified duplications and lack of system reporting. Stakeholder engagement helped to identify who within the business requires what reporting and when. Automated system reporting with analytics were implemented and issued to all stakeholders as required.

Finally, CI Projects developed and delivered 2 days of training on new ways of working, processes, systems, contractual parameters and other continuous improvement tools to enable upskilling and clarification on best practice processes, supported by the associated reference materials.


  • Improved productivity by 10%, enabling teams to re-focus their time on other tasks
  • Identified savings equating to 5+ FTE
  • Reduced manual reporting processes and ensured that reports being   created added value
  • Increased team engagement through training and development
  • Improved client experience
  • Consistent and scalable ways of working
  • Creation of content that supports induction of new team members

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