Lean Culture Deployment

Development and execution of an all-encompassing roadmap towards operational excellence, which provided a payback of £30k in efficiency savings within the first 3 months of the programme.

How we helped...

CI Projects were asked to design, establish and lead a Lean Deployment Programme focused on achieving Operational Excellence. Operational excellence is a mindset of continuous improvement and continuous learning that embraces best practice principles and tools; therefore our programme design was multifaceted and all-encompassing.

We began with a 1-day Lean Awareness workshop with the C-Suite Executives to ensure they embrace the philosophy and mindset, understand the core principles, and can act as active and visible sponsors. Whilst it was them that commissioned the work, it was important to ensure that they didn’t just see this as a short-term, tick-box initiative that makes them more marketable; but that they truly understand the value and strength of this programme and its intended goals.

Before commencing programme design and planning, we also worked with the Executives to ensure that their vision and strategic objectives were clear, well-understood and communicated across the business as this was an essential anchor for the programme and needed to act as the ‘north star’ for employees.

We commenced design and execution of the programme which involved:

  1. Programme branding and marketing
  2. Developing potential mediums and channels for penetration of the Lean philosophy
  3. Programme Management Office (PMO) and project governance re-alignment
  4. Developing a Programme Roadmap and approach
  5. Developing and executing a Communication Strategy and Communication Plan
  6. Training of over 70 people to Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma level, and then identifying those that were actively keen to drive change and embrace Lean Six Sigma to pursue Green Belt Lean Six Sigma training
  7. Identifying champions
  8. Establishing a mechanism of control and monitoring to ensure effective benefits realisation.

The Programme is still underway as continuous improvement and operational excellence is a journey, not a destination –  any efforts to drive Operational Excellence is an ongoing scheme with no definitive start and end, as essentially, there is always opportunity for continuous improvement. Whilst this work is still in progress, benefits have already been achieved, including a payback of £30k in efficiency savings within the first 3 months of the programme and incremental shifts in culture.

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