It’s January and the air is charged with new hopes and ambitions and people are driven now more than ever to make important personal or professional decisions. It feels like we have a blank page on which to write our own narrative for the year. So, what will you write?

The goal setting process can be daunting because no one wants to set themselves up for
failure. But it shouldn’t be avoided because failing to plan equates to planning to fail and
opening your life up to chaos. Rather than avoid it, we should adopt SMART goal setting

SMART goals are:
Specific – State the action that the goal requires you to perform e.g. I want to wake up at
5:00am every weekday is more specific than I want to start waking up earlier.
Measurable – How will you tell you have achieved the goal?
Attainable – Make sure you have the resources you need to achieve your goal.
Relevant – Don’t chose trendy goals for the sake of it, make sure that whatever you decide on benefits you or your organisation.
Timely – Have a time frame that is realistic but also flexible.
Another great tip when setting goals is to keep them to a minimum, 3 is a good number to strive for and easy to recall and focus on.

It is also important to frame your goals positively. Avoid goals that focus on NOT doing
something as whatever we focus on, tends to magnify.

Whether you want to declutter your life, learn a new skill or refine your business processes, CI Projects wishes you a successful year ahead.

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