Ready to meet Jay? This spotlight article dives into our Business Analyst’s background, passions, and what excites him about being part of our team. Let’s get to know him!

What attracted you to CI Projects?

The company culture was a magnet for me. CI Projects aligned with my core values of growth and development. This was evident with every member within CI Projects embracing the company values and always wanting to develop. 


The company has helped enable this by constantly facilitating internal training courses, ‘Time-to-Learn’ sessions and through developing internal ‘Communities’ arranged by discipline where we can share best practices. All these opportunities help with driving collaboration, integrity and passion – these are the foundations of our strong company culture and our approach to project delivery.


What have you found most challenging in your role as a Business Analyst at CI Projects?

There are so many exciting opportunities that there isn’t time to do everything right away, so having to prioritise is often a challenge. The challenge of prioritisation is a vital skill, especially when working on different projects with different deliverables. The adjustment has been a journey but it is one that is rewarding when you can see the value being brought to the clients we work with.


What has been your favourite project with CI Projects so far and why?

I enjoy every project, but my favourite project was probably my first project at CI Projects as on reflection, I learned so much and it reaffirmed my decision to work at CI Projects. It was at the University of Oxford where I was producing, reviewing and analysing process maps to give teams a better understanding of the current state so that they could make informed decisions and take the right path forward towards introducing a new technology solution. I was able to enhance and put into practice a wide range of skills such as stakeholder management, data visualisation and process mapping. I was also able to apply the Lean Waste TIMWOODS methodology to highlight key areas of improvement. This project was why I joined CI Projects as it incorporated new ways of thinking, new approaches and methodologies, and enabled me to put all of my skills to the test. Most of all, I enjoyed adding value to the client and seeing the process maps that I had produced be put to good use, leading to other projects that enabled service improvement. 


How does the company promote work-life balance?

CI projects offer a hybrid approach and the days in the office are flexible. As a value-driven company, it enables me to be focused on output-delivery and also provides time to focus on other areas of life such as family, friends, and mental and physical health. This is all done without judgment and the company environment embraces employees to prioritise their well-being. There is a network around you to have conversations, feel supported, and to create a healthy work-life balance suited to you as an individual, as one size doesn’t always fit all.


Tell us about your current role at CI Projects?

My current role is a Business Analyst and I have worked on numerous projects to redesign process maps, capture business requirements, analyse current ways of working, conduct gap analyses, manage risks, facilitate workshops and engage with stakeholders across organisations. Within CI Projects, I am also responsible for executing our Data Strategy and continuously looking at ways to improve data input, visualisation and presentation.


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