Meet our Summer Intern, Simar Sachdev, a Law Graduate studying at Warwick University. In this interview, she reflects on her experience of working with CI Projects.

Tell us what you do for CI Projects:

I work in the Data Management Team at CI Projects. My primary responsibility involves assimilating raw numerical data into a coherent and organised documents. Additionally, I am an active participant in CI Project team meetings, where I actively learn of diverse lean six sigma tools and methodologies employed by the team for their projects. Beyond this, I extend my support to the team by readily tackling a range of tasks, including administrative duties. 

How do you think your university experience prepared you for this role?

The skills I honed throughout my university journey have seamlessly translated into valuable assets in my professional life. 

First, my university experience has exemplified my adaptability. Having come to the UK alone as an international student, I navigated the challenges of adapting to a new country and academic environment. This transition underscored my ability to thrive and adapt in varying firm cultures and allowed me to fit in with the CI Projects team.

Secondly, my law degree, coupled with my prior work experiences, have fostered my attention to detail skills. Within CI Projects, where numerical data carries significant implications for the company’s long-term strategies, my attention to detail has remained a crucial skill. 

Furthermore, my university experience instilled a sense of independence, which has also translated into my professional life. Even with the firm’s friendly culture, when confronted with obstacles, I challenge myself to try to find the solution before I involve the team.


If you could learn to do anything new what would it be?

Having spent my entire life in Oman, I regret not learning the national language. I’d love to learn Arabic!


What advice would you give a recent graduate trying to enter the job market?

Although I’m still in the process of completing my degree, I embarked on a job search this summer, and I must admit, it proved to be quite a challenging journey. The experience was far from pleasant, as I encountered various difficulties along the way. To all those who are currently grappling with similar struggles, please remember persistence is key. Despite facing rejections and setbacks, it’s important to not let it bring you down and be resilient. Every rejection is a stepping stone towards that one crucial acceptance. 


What three traits define you?

Approachable, adventurous and perseverant. 


What has been your biggest learning experience whilst working for CI Projects?

One of the most significant learning experiences at CI Projects is the content within the consultancy field itself. During my experience, my exposure to concepts and technical terms such as Lean Six Lean Six Sigma, “process review”, and “stakeholder management” has developed. Moreover, throughout this experience, I’ve had the privilege to amplify my pre-existing skill set, including simple skills such as teamwork, attention to detail, organisation and more. 


What would you like to achieve (personally or professionally) in the next 3 years?

I intend to continue pursuing a career in law and secure a training contract with a law firm within the next year. I also hope to successfully complete the Solicitor’s Qualification Exam (SQE) and qualify as a commercial solicitor! My experience at CI Projects has been pivotal to gaining corporate exposure and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity.  

We wish Simar all the very best as she completes her degree and begins her professional career.

CI Projects is committed to supporting workplace readiness and creating links between education and the corporate world. This is the third student internship opportunity we have offered in recent years and we look forward to offering many more in years to come.

Read more about previous internships and our broader community outreach initiatives here.

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