Security Vetting Process Improvement

Streamlined the Vetting Process on behalf of a Central Government Organisation and improved compliance with security protocols

How we helped...

Continuous Improvement Projects Ltd were commissioned to undertake a Lean Six Sigma process review and drive improvements to the security vetting process on behalf of our client in Central Government. The way in which vetting was being managed previously was inconsistent and inefficient, leading to delays in processing applications, a security and non compliance risk, and  poor employee experience for both the vetting application processor and applicant.

We liaised with the key stakeholders involved in the vetting processes to document the ‘as is’ process with an aim to streamline the process and establish better controls. This involved introduction of automation through technology where possible, and to clarifying ownership of each part of the process as many parties from different organisations were involved.

It was essential to ensure any changes made to these processes remained compliant with legal requirements and that the process was robust enough to identify, manage and mitigate risks for roles where national security concerns are a consideration, like jobs with access to high risk sites, highly classified information or systems. It is therefore essential these checks are performed satisfactorily.

Upon redesigning and implementing the new processes, there were a number of benefits realised, including:

● Estimated saving of 48% against the Process Cycle Time for the first part of the process, and  74% saving on the second part of the process.
● Reduction in the number of process steps involving email activity by 51% for the first part of the process, and 36% for the second part of the process.
● Clear defined and documented processes that were easy to understand and follow.
● Defined process owner and department
● Defined roles & responsibilities using a RACI
● Processes thoroughly investigated to ensure compliance with relevant authorities

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