Introducing: Think Green, Go Lean Campaign

Since 2012, we have been working with our clients on driving efficiency and designing-out waste using Lean Six Sigma principles and techniques. We have found products and documents being overproduced that nobody uses, poorly designed and inefficient processes that generate waste, and untapped use of technology to help reduce carbon footprint. We use our lean and change management approach to implement new practices, develop new skill sets and cultivate mindsets.

Now is the time for everybody to be thinking about WASTE! We should all be taking responsibility to reduce waste as it is good for the People, Planet and Profits.

Our Director, Kiran Kachela, has recently graduated from a course delivered by the University of Cambridge Judge Business School on Circular Economy and Sustainability as she is passionate about building a greener future and is keen to champion green growth. Over the last year, we as a company have been focusing on sustainability, assessing how we can reduce our impact on the environment and better support our clients. Going lean can not only save you money, but also help you to become a more sustainable company. We can all turn waste into wealth and protect the environment – it’s a WIN-WIN!

So why is it important to reduce waste?

The disposal and treatment of waste can produce emissions of several greenhouse gases (GHGs) which contribute to climate change. One of the most harmful GHG produced from waste is methane. These gases are released into the earth’s atmosphere during the decomposition of matter in landfills. GHGs such as methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide trap infrared radiation from the sunlight, storing heat in the atmosphere and causing the earth’s average temperature to rise, known as global warming or climate change.

Another reason is growth acceleration in the market which leads to growth in demand and consumption. As the population continues to grow, consumers overconsume and businesses overproduce, the waste problem continues to worsen and the impacts of climate change are increasing. As a society, we are producing things that we’re not even using! We need to avoid depletion of our natural resources and reduce waste in order to achieve a balanced ecosystem.

How does this link to business?

The Lean Green approach promotes a Circular Economy and is a new way of doing things that brings business benefits, as well as positive social and environmental impacts. The aim is to design out waste and reduce, reuse and recycle what we use. Waste is not an accident! It’s a result of poor design. We must review the end-to-end value stream to identify, remove and prevent waste. By changing our mindset to view waste as a design fault and being open to changing our behaviours and processes, we can avoid waste in the first place.

Introducing our new campaign – Think Green, Go Lean…

We are taking a stand on an issue that lines up with our purpose – the changes we already offer to our clients have a direct or indirect impact on the environment, now we want to not only measure this environmental impact but draw attention to it too. By sharing ways you can reduce waste in your business and ways we are changing our in-house processes to be more sustainable, we hope to inspire and influence you to make these changes too.

Every month we will be giving you tools, information and ideas to take more ‘Green Steps’ in your business which will not only help to reduce your impact on the environment, it will also help your business to think and be more lean, which is what we are all about! Get in on the action and join the conversation.

We are excited to announce a FREE webinar we are hosting in June, all about thinking green and going lean to help your profits and the environment! This webinar is perfect for you if you are looking to use sustainability as a competitive advantage and drive business growth whilst helping the environment and protecting our planet.  

We hope you will all join us and get involved with support and input!