Improving Supply Chain Management

Implemented a new supplier onboarding process and put existing and legacy suppliers through this process. Achieved c. 50% reduction in process cycle time.

How we helped...

There was a requirement to establish a supplier onboarding process whereby suppliers have to submit information and meet certain criteria to be approved to work within the organisation to ensure compliance. Our client, Gov Facility Services Ltd (GFSL) were a new organisation that was born following the collapse of Carillion. Carrying over legacy suppliers to maintain Operational services meant that no information was held on pre-qualifying checks to ensure that suppliers had the correct accreditations and requirements to carry out work on behalf of the organisation. CI Projects were commissioned to help mitigate this risk with the rollout of a new solution.

We worked with the teams to understand what was achievable and in what priority the suppliers should be reviewed. We identified opportunities to streamline the process, making it slicker by utilising 3rd party accreditations such as Construction Line to fast-track a number of internal reviews that would have otherwise been required. Once the reviews were set in order, we led a Scrum-based approach to carrying out the reviews, which as a result saw a number of suppliers successfully progressing through the review. We provided workflows, documented guidance and ongoing support to enable the teams to have the confidence to follow the new process. An automated MI dashboard was developed so that we could review, monitor, and report on progress and risks to the key stakeholders involved so that everyone was aware of where we were on the journey.

As a result of this project, the organisation had confidence in the suppliers that were approved to work with them, and had identified a handful of non-compliant suppliers where work was identified to be high risk and therefore managed in a different way.

Approximately 90% of the suppliers who had completed their responses had been evaluated, and the remaining 10% was due to delays in suppliers responding to queries sent back to them from the subject matter experts.

We streamlined the process cycle time by approxumately 50%  for suppliers that had existing accreditation through Construction Line gold, meaning that we were able to progress with more suppliers in a shorter time.

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