The Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile


Valuable insights that will help your teams better understand themselves and others


Personalised information to help teams discover how to better connect and
effectively work with each other


Actionable ways to strengthen team relationships in the workplace

Our Approach

Before the assessment

Free telephone consultation with our team of process specialists

Confirm key stakeholders to be profiled

Confirm whether you would like to add a one-to-one review of the profiles

Confirm whether you would like to combine the Wiley Five Behaviours Framework
with your assessment (recommended – see product here)

During the assessment

Participants complete research-validated profile assessments

Receive findings

By the end of the assessment

Participants understand their DiSC style and understand other styles

Personalised insights for each participants to help them discover how to better
connect and effectively work with each other

Teams have a path to building better relationships

After the workshops

One-to-one review of the profiles (optional)

Individual participant profile details

A follow-up call with one of our qualified practitioners to discuss progress and
provide guidance

You’ll walk away with…

Self-awareness and understanding others

Participants will understand and reaffirm their own styles and understand how they
differ from others’ styles so that they can strengthen their relationships in the

A Common Language

It was critical for us to adopt a common language and framework so that everybody
in the team is aligned and understands one another. The framework provides this.

Post-Implementation Support

Our support extends past implementation. We conduct a follow-up call to discuss
progress and provide necessary support and guidance as needed.


£50+VAT per Individual Profile

Optional add-on:

£550+VAT for a facilitator one-to-one review (per 8 profiles)

The not-so-small print:

The above price excludes any travel or postage expenses which may be an additional cost

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