Contractor Web-Portal Implementation

Improved visibility of Contractor performance, improved data quality and streamlined processes across an NHS Trust by implementing a web-portal solution.

How we helped...

As part of a significant transformation programme at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust (GSTT), the Contractor Webportal was identified and recommended as a solution to a number of challenges relating to 3rd party delivered maintenance. CI Projects were asked to take a lead on piloting the Contractor Webportal solution and supporting the organisation to prepare for implementation. The CAFM solution was a readily available solution for GSTT which was not yet utilised, and so implementing this solution was the most appropriate, low cost solution which enabled improved visibility and management of 3rd party delivered maintenance whilst reducing the administrative burden for the internal teams.

We led the project which involved co-ordinating various internal teams in order to achieve the deliverables, and worked alongside 3rd party contractors to successfully deliver a pilot. Upon completion of the pilot we worked closely with the internal stakeholders to develop an implementation plan that could be delivered internally and that was realistic and achievable.

Benefits include:

  • Improved visibility of Contractor performance
  • Ability to measure job completion and paperwork as a performance metric, enabling improved work order management and overall improved performance
  • Ability to easily identify gaps in missing service reports, resulting in a more pro-active approach to document management
  • Reduced administration for internal teams
  • 2-way visibility of asset list resulting in easier identification and feedback of discrepancies
  • Moving from PPM’s happening “offline”, to all tasks being visible through the CAFM system: improved data insight, performance monitoring, forecasting

Our client said: “Our department did not have clearly defined digital structures in place to allow for third party contractors to report in real time or to deliver reporting data to centralised platforms. Olivia worked hard to make sure the relevant stakeholders were engaged, and had all the tools and support they needed to deliver. This lead to a challenging journey in order to make sure that everyone was on board with the new ways of working. Olivia supported us in a tough environment and managed to deliver what was needed to get our organisation to work better.”

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