Balanced Scorecard Development

Helped a GovCo bring information into a single Balanced Scorecard report, saving them time, money, and resources.

How we helped...

CI Projects were commissioned by a GovCo (a Government Company) to help provide visibility of performance and introduce data-driven decision making and discussions amongst the senior leadership team.

Previously, hours were spent discussing operational matters in meetings without adequate insight into performance, and opinions would be shared without tangible evidence. Whilst reports were run across the business, they were created and discussed in functional silos; they were inconsistent as the parameters were constantly changing in reaction to issues that arose; and they were very cumbersome. There were metrics that were reported on which held no relevance and other important metrics that were missed and were not measured. There was also inconsistency in interpretations of metrics and no shared visibility across the business, as reporting was done in piecemeal.

We worked with each of the business functions to understand what they were measuring, why they were measuring it, and what was important to measure, focusing on indicators that impact their customers (internal and external). Within a month, we managed to remove a vast number of unnecessary measures and individual reports, and developed a consolidated Balanced Scorecard. The Balanced Scorecard acted as a strategic management performance report that helped the senior leadership team and executives identify and improve their internal operations to help improve their outcomes. The Balanced Scorecard covered everything from customer experience and employee experience to financial performance and health and safety. A reporting process was developed and appropriate governance was established to ensure all data could be easily consolidated and that it was shared and effectively used. We also coached the leadership team to help drive more data-driven conversations, encouraging the use of the Balanced Scorecard as the focal point for meetings.

The data provided useful insights into current performance and enabled leadership to make better decisions for the future. Bring the information into a single report helped to save time, money, and resources.

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