Strategy Development Workshop


Planned, focused and moderated strategy discussions


Understand what makes an effective business strategy through a practical learning experience


Engage your teams in strategic planning and gain buy-in


Create a game plan for the future using a tried-and-tested, replicable model

Our Approach

Before the workshop

Free telephone consultation with our team of specialists

Discuss the organisational context

Discuss scope – e.g. business-wide strategy, functional strategy or both

Confirm key stakeholders to be involved

Agree a schedule of dates convenient for you

During the workshop

Interactive and dynamic workshops – these can be held virtually or in-person

Group-based strategic planning exercises that engage and inspire the team

Learn what makes an effective strategy whilst developing your own, providing a practical learning experience

At the end of the workshop

A clear Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics across the selected business areas

Accountability and commitment from leaders and/ or departmental heads

Understanding of dependencies, gaps and overlaps in scope

Clarity on strategic priorities to inform future plans and direction

After the workshop

An educated team that understand the role they play in driving the business forward

A realistic and implementable strategy to be owned by your teams

A strategy that can be communicated widely

A set of strategic objectives that can be cascaded through the organisation to inform individual PDRs

A follow-up call with one of our specialists to gauge the effectiveness of strategy execution

A replicable model that can be adopted by your team for future strategic planning exercises

You’ll walk away with…

Clear Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics

A clear view of the future that’s easy to understand and communicate widely across the organisation.

A Tried-and-Tested, Repeatable Model

A simple and repeatable strategic planning model that you can apply over and over again as your organisation grows.

An Engaged and Committed Workforce

This exercise will set out a clear direction for your organisation and your people, so that everybody understands the role they plan in achieving the organisation’s Vision. The process results in clear targets for everyone to meet. 

Post-Implementation Support

Our consultation services extend past implementation. We conduct follow-up calls to gauge the effectiveness of strategy execution and provide necessary support and guidance if needed.


£695 + VAT per workshop

The not-so-small print:


  • The number of workshops needed will be determined by the scope of your requirements. This will be discussed and agreed during the initial consultation.
  • The price includes workshop preparation and write-up following the workshop.
  • The above price excludes any travel expenses which may be an additional cost.
  • We can offer end-to-end support which goes beyond workshop facilitation, including communicating the strategy across the organisation and supporting implementation at an additional cost.

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