Quarterly ‘Continuous Improvement’ (CI) Reviews


Build momentum and focus across the team to drive continuous improvement


Creating a regular cadence to develop people's skills and shift mindsets


Reflection of successes and failures to learn and continually improve


Documented stories and benefits, outlining key achievements to celebrate


Identify best practices that can be replicated across the business


Consolidation and full transparency of all improvement initiatives and opportunities

Our Approach

 Our Quarterly Continuous Improvement (CI) Reviews establish a working system of capturing day-to-day improvement initiatives and provide independent assurance and measurement of improvements so that you have something to celebrate and be proud throughout the year. These reviews will encourage and demonstrate the benefits of simplification initiatives that drive efficiency, profitability, sustainability and enhanced customer experience. By creating a regular cadence and applying focus to this as part of everybody’s day jobs, a continuous improvement culture can be born.

The reviews will be a meeting held every three months to assess achievements, progress and planning for further improvement opportunities. It will act as a critical tool for sharing knowledge and promoting learning and innovation.

This service includes:

• Development of a Continuous Improvement (CI) Plan 
• Review of progress and achievements from the previous quarter against the CI Plan
• Keeping the ideas flowing to generate further initiatives
• Ongoing mentoring on Lean Six Sigma principles to help individuals plan and prioritise initiatives 
• Planning of your next successful quarter
• Reflection on successes and failures, and capture of relevant learnings
• Capture of benefits associated to the changes implemented
• An updated and robust CI Plan that can be communicated with wider stakeholders
• Documented stories and benefits, outlining key achievements and successes
• Best practice solutions that can be replicated across other areas of the business upon proof-of-concept
• Quantifiable benefits
• An engaged internal team that actively seek innovation and improvement as part of their day-jobs
• Strong reputation through active pursual of ongoing improvements

You’ll receive…

Empowerment and engagement

Engage your teams in identifying improvents as part of their day jobs. An empowered team is a motivated team that is focused on solving problems and finding better ways of doing things. Inspire your teams at all levels to embrace change and work with autonomy and pride so that they feel fulfilled and productive.

Positive CI Culture

By rewarding action, we create a positive culture that aligns with your organisation’s values. If your team feels valued and included, your organisational culture will be stronger which will have direct impacts on performance. Hosting regular reviews will reinforce inclusion among team members and foster the culture that will lead your business to success.

Learn from successes and failures

When improvement initiatives are reviewed on a quarterly basis, your team will have the opportunity to review the benefits and determine what is working and what is not, and make adjustments every three months. This will help your organisation remain proactive in your industry, and keep on top of trends.


Independent facilitation is a game changer! It enables even the quieter members who may be reluctant to share their ideas with a leadership team in a group strategy setting to participate and share their ideas. We flatten the hierarchies, allowing all team members to actively participate. Our facilitators are skilled in knowing which questions to ask and how to encourage everybody to participate.

Effectiveness, efficiency, and autonomy

The benefit to your team is that they understand what they are doing, who is doing what, what their purpose is. This makes your team more effective, efficient, and autonomous. 


£2,200 per quarter

The not-so-small print:

  • Service Contracts are for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Payments to be made as a quarterly fixed fee.
  • Price excludes any expenses (e.g. travel).

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