Outsourced PMO-as-a-Service


See the whole picture of what you are investing in today and plans for the future


Focus on the right things and increase the quality and efficiency of your projects


Get transparency of your resource utilisation and capacity and ensure they are working on what really matters


Vastly reduce the number of failed projects with practical and effective governance


Have access to expertise and a fresh perspective using a more cost-effective and flexible approach


Improve budget alignment, timely realisation of benefits and reporting

Our Approach

Service Levels

Our Outsourced PMO-as-a-Service offers a consistent methodology, expertise, economies of scale and cost reductions.
This service includes:

• End-to-end project support and governance

• Implementation of best practice project management methodologies, templates and tools

• Education on the use of the PMO processes, templates and tools

• Mentoring available on individual projects and assistance in addressing challenging projects

• Development, maintenance and storage of project documents and reports

There are different service levels available depending on your organisational requirements: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Depending on the option you pick, you will be clear on exactly what you are getting and what outputs you will expect to see each month.

Get in touch to find out more about our Outsourced PMO-as-a-Service and the different levels available.

You’ll receive…


Our dedicated outsourced PMO offers a variety of specialised talents and expertise on hand, including change management, project management and programme management expertise. ‘One Size’ doesn’t fit all, so having a variety of skill-sets available to offer guidance and advice on change initiatives is advantageous. 

Cost Savings

Staffing, training, and maintaining an in-house PMO can be a costly overhead. Outsourcing the PMO is far more cost effective, as the groundwork has already been done and you benefit from economies of scale. You can reap the benefits of an experienced team immediately, without an expensive and time-consuming hiring and training process.

A Fresh Perspective

An outsourced PMO is an outsider to your organisation and is immune to political pressures. A fresh set of eyes can do wonders for a project that seems to be floundering.


Transparency of project performance against critical time, cost and quality factors, including return-on-investment to ensure you are on the right track.


A PMO doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture with employed staff sat waiting for projects to start or monthly reports to be received. Engaging our PMO-as-a-Service allows for expenditure to be scaled up and down as needed to suit the current needs.

Model Templates and Methods

Setting up a PMO from scratch can be daunting. We have a suite of tried-and-tested tools and templates to suit every organisation that are readily available to use. If you’d prefer for us to use your tools and templates, we’re happy to do that to and we will offer any improvement suggestions if we spot them!

Best Practice

Exploring best practices from other industries can do wonders for an organisation seeking to drive strategic goals innovatively and efficiently – we can bring this!

End-to-End Support

We can support you throughout the end-to-end process, from setting up your PMO and training your staff from Board level through to project delivery resources, to operating the PMO and continually improving your portolio of change projects.


Dependent on Service Level

The not-so-small print:

  • Service fees are dependent on the level of service you procure (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Services available). Get in touch for our standard pricing model.
  • PMO Outsourced Service Contracts are for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Payments to be made as a monthly fixed fee.

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