Kaizen Blitz


Engage your teams in process improvement and shifts mindsets


Solve a problem and deliver the solutions faster


Create a game plan for the future with a replicable model

Our Approach

Before the workshop

Free telephone consultation with our team of process specialists

Discuss the problem that needs to be fixed

Confirm key stakeholders to be involved

Agree a schedule of 5 dates convenient for you (does not have to be consecutive)

During the workshop

A series of ‘breakthrough events’ to brainstorm and implement solutions

Brown paper group exercises that engage the entire team

Identify a number of immediate ‘quick wins’ 

At the end of the workshop

A newly designed solution that tackles the problem in the short-term and some long-term recommendations

A ‘quick wins’ action plan with assigned owners and timescales to ensure accountability

Actual implementation of some ‘quick wins’ during the 5 day blitz

After the workshop

A realistic and implementable plan to be owned by your teams

A follow-up call with one of our process specialists to gauge the effectiveness of the solution and provide guidance

A replicable model that can be adopted by your teams for continuous improvement

You’ll walk away with…

Realistic and Achievable Solutions

We will work with you to design solutions that are effective and easily achievable by understanding root causes to existing issues; resulting in increased productivity, greater responsiveness and flexibility, and better quality and customer experience.

A Tried-and-Tested, Repeatable Model

A simple, repeatable problem solving model that you can apply to other areas
of your business over and over again to generate sustained growth.

An Engaged Workforce

Our Kaizen Blitz sets the stage for a mindset and culture of continuous improvement. Employees will not only leave with improved morale as we’ll ultimately be making activities easier for them, but they will also be equipped with the lean principles and tools we use in the workshops to make improvements

Post-Implementation Support

Our process consultation services extend past implementation. We conduct follow-up calls to gauge the effectiveness of the solution implemented and provide necessary support and guidance if needed.


£2995 + VAT

The not-so-small print:


  • The Kaizen Blitz can be applied to a particular problem.
  • The scope of the problem will need to be determined. The model timeline is 5 days however if a wider scope required, the model timeline and costs will increase to reflect this.
  • The above price excludes any travel expenses which may be an additional cost.

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