ISO9001 Certification Preparation


Engage your teams in developing policies, processes and procedures


Set up your Management System to be effective and meaningful


Communication with your leadership teams and workforce to introduce ISO9001


Clarity on organisational roles and responsibilities associated to the ISO9001 standards


Ensure that you are fully prepared for ISO9001 audits and certification

Our Approach

Before the programme

Free telephone consultation with our team of experienced specialists

Discuss the organisational context and objectives

Assess and agree required scope of services

Agree estimated schedule and resources

During the programme

Development of a communication and stakeholder plan and engage key stakeholders

Launch a communications campaign to introduce ISO9001 standards in a meaningful and dynamic way

Undertake a current state gap analysis

Conduct surveys and determine baseline measures

Support with the development of processes, procedures and policies (to be owned by internal Process Owners)

Define organisational roles and responsibilities associated with ISO9001 and the Management System

Establish and validate minimum requirements for certification

Engage with ISO9001 certification body and support with the end-to-end process

By end of the programme

A developed Management System with key processes, policies and procedures

Assurance that minimum requirements for ISO9001 certification are established

Engagement of your teams and a strong understanding of best practice standards and their importance across your workforce

Roles and responsibilities matrix including agreed Process Owners

After the workshops

Best Practice standards and processes to be embedded and owned by your teams

Certification process (by an independent certification body)

You’ll walk away with…

A Robust Quality Management System (QMS)

A QMS that is valuable, meaningful and functional for your teams to use as part of their day jobs.

Policies, Processes and Procedures

Defined policies, processes and procedures that are easy to understand and utilise by your workforce.

Roles and Responsibilities

Clarity on roles and responsibilities to ensure that best practices and your QMS can be sustained in the long-run.

Best Practices

Practical and workable best practices that will give you better visibility of how your business is performing, improved ability to manage risks and opportunities and a mechanism for continuous improvement.

An Engaged Workforce

Engagement and commitment from your teams as they will be part of the development of the QMS and will own the content and review process.

End-to-End Support

We can support you throughout the end-to-end process, from developing a Management System and launching an ISO9001 programme through to gaining certification. We will be with you every step of the way and guide you through the process using our experience and expertise.


£ TBC –  Prices vary depending on scope of services

The not-so-small print:

    • Services exclude certification – this is to be provided by an independent certification body
    • ISO9001 Certification Body to be appointed and paid for by the client
    • The scope of support is flexible (the above is an example outline) and it is the scope of services that will determine resourcing, duration and pricing


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