ISO 44001 Certification Preparation: Collaborative Business Relationship Workshops


Develop collaborative, meaningful relationships within or between organisations


Generate long-term commitment and a work ethos that fosters growth


Explore opportunities for innovative ideas, reduced costs through efficiencies and sharing of resources, and access to new services and products


Determine management responsibilities and resource infrastructure to ensure the best possible performance


Integrate the ISO 44001 framework into existing management systems, processes and procedures to optimise the benefits of working together

Our Approach

Before the programme

Free telephone consultation with our team of specialists

Discuss the organisational context, existing relationships and objectives

Agree a schedule of Collaborative Business Relationship Workshops

During the programme

Facilitation of workshops that allow teams to set out their needs and expectations in terms of everyday work

Identification of themes around where relationships need greater positive attention

Agreement on the steps to be carried out by all involved parties

Development of an engagement and action plan in preparation for ISO 44001

By the end of the programme

Foundations established to enable ISO 44001 certification

Engagement and a common understanding between all stakeholders

Ownership of actions to continue improving and growing relationships

Integration with the existing Management System

After the programme

Best Practice standards and practices to be embedded and owned by your teams

A roadmap for relationship development

Certification process (by an independent certification body)

You’ll walk away with…

A Robust Framework

A framework for you to implement a Collaborative Business Relationship Management System that can help you develop effective joint ventures.

Improved Efficiency

Mutually beneficial collaboration with business partners to optimise opportunities and economies of scale.

Better Decision Making

Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and rules of engagement to improve the quality and timeliness of decision making.

Best Practices

Practical and workable best practices that will give you better visibility of how your business is performing, improved ability to manage risks and opportunities and a mechanism for continuous improvement.

Cost Savings

More efficient sharing of skills, costs, risks, and resources to enable cost savings.

Enhanced Reputation

Not only will this process improve your reputation with your business partners but it will also increase your competitiveness through certification.

Best Practice and Improved Productivity

Practical and workable best practices that enable your staff to create better business relationships and optimise opportunities, providing a mechanism for continuous improvement.

End-to-End Support

We can support you throughout the end-to-end process, from developing a framework and launching an ISO 44001 programme through to gaining certification. We can be with you every step of the way and guide you through the process using our experience and expertise.


£695 + VAT per Workshop

The not-so-small print:

  • Services exclude certification – this is to be provided by an independent certification body

  • ISO 44001 Certification Body to be appointed and paid for by the client

  • The price is per workshop and includes workshop design and preparation, workshop facilitation and write-up following the workshop

  • The number of workshops required will vary depending on your circumstances and we will work with you to develop a schedule

  • The above price excludes any travel expenses which may be an additional cost

  • Meeting venues to be booked and paid for by the client directly

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