Change Partner Retainer Agreement


Flexible support with a variety of issues and strategic change campaigns whenever you need it


Access to expertise aligned to the needs of your business without excessive overhead costs


An "outside-in" perspective to bring vital innovation and provide a fresh perspective


Expertise on an ongoing basis with someone that understands your business and its people


Support with adoption of best practices that can be replicated across the business


Improve strategic alignment and strategy execution

Our Approach

At CI Projects, many of our services are offered on a day rate or a packaged fixed price basis. Whilst this is an effective model for project delivery which requires a fixed time commitment; it does not offer the flexibility required to support with a variety of issues and strategic change campaigns in a more ad-hoc fashion. Imagine having guaranteed access to an expert trusted partner, aligned to the needs of your business, whenever you need them (a bit like your very own personal CI assistant) – wouldn’t that be great? This service provides peace of mind knowing that you have access to our expertise on an ongoing basis.

Our Change Partner Retainer Model typically includes:

• Independent reviews of Business Plans and data to evaluate robustness and performance, and provide constructive ideas and solutions for continuous improvement
• Contribution towards the annual strategic plan and help with shaping projects to ensure they are set up for success
• Design and facilitation of workshops to achieve clarity and tangible outcomes
• Support with design, planning and prioritisation of improvement initiatives to build strong foundations for launch
• Promotion of the Lean philosophy through active and visible communication and support
• Identification of opportunities for Lean excellence and support with development of in-house capabilities through mentoring (complimenting any training delivered – find our training here)
• Support with active identification and measurement of benefits from improvement initiatives to demonstrate ROI 
• Provision of independent guidance and advice on business change projects

You’ll receive…

Guaranteed access to an expert

Knowing that you have access to the consultant’s expertise on an ongoing basis can give you peace of mind. We have a team of experts in different fields and from different walks of life who can work with you to support your needs. You will be assigned with a designated Change Partner who will work closely with you and your wider team.

Positive Culture

By continually focusing on improvement and innovation, you will build a positive organisational culture. If your team feels valued and included, your organisational culture will be stronger which will have direct impacts on successful strategy execution. Hosting workshops will reinforce inclusion among team members and foster the culture that will lead your business to success.

Stay ahead of the curve

When strategic business plans are reviewed regularly, your team will have the opportunity to review your metrics and determine what is working and what is not, and make adjustments. Your Change Partner will work with you to build the right drum-beat. This will help your organisation remain proactive in your industry and organisation, and keep on top of trends.


Independent facilitation is a game changer! It enables even the quieter members who may be reluctant to share their ideas with a  participate and share their ideas. We flatten the hierarchies, allowing all team members to actively participate in driving improvements. Your Change Partner is skilled in knowing which questions to ask and how to encourage everybody to participate.

Effectiveness, efficiency, and autonomy

The benefit of having someone from the outside looking in and sharing best practices from other industries will enable you to improve your ways of working. This will make your team more effective, efficient, and autonomous.


£ TBC – Prices vary depending on expected time commitment and specific requirements

The not-so-small print:

  • Access to the Change Partner consultant for up to an agreed number of hours per month. The monthly payment is for the Change Partner to be on standby. If the time is not used, it cannot be rolled over to the following month.
  • Monthly fixed fee payments to be made as a monthly basis up front.
  • All expenses (e.g. travel) are reimbursable in addition to the agreed monthly fixed fee.
  • If the scope of services required exceeds the agreed commitments (e.g. there is a requirement to deliver a project) or the workload exceeds the agreed time commitment, this will need to be priced at an additional cost and on a different pricing framework (e.g. hourly/ day rate). No additional work exceeding the scope of this agreement will be carried out without your prior authorisation.

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