Huge change can happen when humans work together towards a common goal. Collaboration helps to solve difficult problems, by exchanging ideas and working as one to discover the best solutions. This has been a theme throughout humanity and has never been more crucial than at this moment in time.


Let’s take a look at some examples..

After the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Southeast Asia, that killed over 280,000 people across 14 nations, the international community came together to raise tens of billions of dollars to assist in the recovery efforts.

The fight against Ebola in West Africa has brought international help with many volunteering on the ground and others donating money and supplies.

Finally, the Olympics are a beautiful example of countries coming together to show their support for the world’s best athletes in breath-taking, powerful and peaceful displays of unity.

The meeting of the moment is another immensely important opportunity for humanity to come together. COP26, if you haven’t heard, stands for Conference of the Parties and it brings together almost every country on earth to collaborate and make decisions for the future of our planet and the greater good of everyone on it. The fight against climate change has never been more definitive and it is imperative that we work together in this fight to drive change the world over.

For the first two weeks this November, 30,000 people representing governments, businesses, NGOs, and civil society groups, will discuss exactly this, seeking to finalise the Paris Agreement or the rules required to implement it. The Paris Agreement was adopted in 2015 with an aim for all the countries of the world to make a combined effort to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial temperatures.

The delegates at COP26 are seeking to agree on common time frames and the monitoring of each country’s climate commitments. To have a chance at limiting the rising temperature the world needs to halve greenhouse gas emissions in the next 8 years.

This is a huge task and it drives home the importance of people coming together to implement what needs to be done. The leaders at COP26 need to produce bold, time-sensitive plans that seek to phase out the burning of fossil fuels and transform their economies to reach net-zero emissions.

History shows us that when we come together to work towards a common goal, huge change can happen. Nations around the world agreeing on the reduction of emissions, to keep the global temperature below 2°C, richer nations pledging finance to developing countries long term, and new processes allowing countries to share experiences and good practices are all examples of what is possible when the smaller actions of many merge to make a big difference to the whole. 

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