Government Owned Company – Strategy Development & Rollout

A clearly defined Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics from corporate level through to functional level, which could be easily articulated and understood by all employees.

How we helped...

Our client is a government owned company that was set up rapidly following the demise of a private sector organisation in order to continue service provision.

For the first few years of operation, the company had developed a short-term strategy which focused on stabilisation. In 2021, the company was ready to take the next step towards developing their capabilities and prepare for future growth. We were commissioned to work with the Board of Directors and all functional leadership teams to re-design and rollout a business-wide strategy and associated functional strategies.

Through a series of facilitated workshops and a tailored programme plan, we took the following approach:

  1. Evaluated the existing strategy against the current internal and external environment
  2. Worked with Board Directors to clearly define the organisation’s Vision and Mission
  3. Developed SMART Objectives with the Board Directors
  4. Worked with the Board Directors on developing the Strategy and associated Tactics at a high-level
  5. Validated the outputs with the Senior Leadership Team (next tier of leadership) and captured their feedback and input which resulted in some minor adjustments
  6. Worked with all functional teams to develop each function’s Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics to support the company’s overall Vision
  7. Coordinated a series of presentations back to the wider-business to ensure all functions understood each other’s areas of focus and to break-down silos
  8. Developed materials, working with the internal communication team, for cascade across the business to all levels of the organisation
  9. Coordinated a communication cascade approach, ensuring leaders took responsibility for communicating to their teams
  10. Implemented mechanisms to capture feedback from front-line staff
  11. Undertook an audit a few months later to assess the effectiveness of rollout and communication, ensuring awareness and understanding across the business

This strategic exercise resulted in a clearly defined Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics from corporate level through to functional level, which could be easily articulated and understood by all employees.

The audit that we conducted following rollout included a sample of over 20 people across a variety of functions. The results confirmed that the refreshed strategy was well-understood by everybody.

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