Olivia has just celebrated her 1st year work anniversary with CI Projects. Read her reflections on her work life in this interview.


What is your current role

As a Business Change Manager my focus has largely been on process improvement and efficiency and most of my time is spent doing Project Management. Within my first year at CIP I have gained my Lean Six Sigma yellow and green belts.


What attracted you to work for CI Projects?

It presented the opportunity to work on various temporary and often short to mid-term projects giving me exposure to different people, environments and challenges.

During my interview process, I was asked about my goals and what I really want to spend my time doing- that spoke volumes about the company’s willingness to invest in my future.


How has CI Projects helped you in career development?

CI Projects has exceeding my expectations in terms of development opportunities. I have always enjoyed reviewing processes and challenging the norm but learning the methodology of Lean Six Sigma expanded my knowledge in this area. I know I will always be growing in CIP because every new project is a new experience which will result in growth. One great thing we do is set and review Personal Marketing Plans which get you thinking about your professional and personal growth. I recently had an opportunity to develop my emotional intelligence which has impacted positively in both my work and personal life.


What do you like most about CIP?

The flexibility – and I don’t just mean working from home and unrestricted hours, it’s also about exploring what I want to spend my time doing whether it’s internal company growth or focusing on a client project. The team spirit in the company is also great – everyone gets along which really helps growth in terms of knowledge but also our personal relationships. Being a remote team means that when we do spend time together it’s actually really valuable and lovely to see everyone again! The flexibility works for everyone and keeps us motivated and productive.


What do you find most challenging at CIP?

I occasionally find it challenging to switch contexts so fast when moving from one client project to another and just having to jump straight back in to where you left off. It keeps me on my toes. 


How does the company promote work life balance?

I don’t think it is really spoken about or forced but that’s not a bad thing because really there is no need for it. There isn’t an expectation for people to work in their own social time to achieve something and if ever there are any challenges it can always be escalated no matter what time of day. I think promoting work life balance is just built in to our culture naturally.


Three words your co workers may use to describe you and why?

Sociable, because I’m always the one suggesting we have our team meetings at the pub. Confident, because I always challenge things when I think there may be alternative options or when I don’t agree with something and probably enthusiastic because I do get excited about the small things!


What is on your wish list for the next 5 years?

Master black belt in Lean Six Sigma, gaining new work for CIP and a pay rise 😉


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