How time flies! It’s hard to believe that one year has gone by since Eva joined the CI Projects team.

In this interview she reflects on her experience and journey so far.

Describe what you do at CI Projects.

I started at CI Projects as an Office Manager handling the company’s back office operations. I expressed an interest to work on projects and I’m now working as a Business Analyst.

Who/What inspired you to pursue the career you have today? 

Both my parents are business owners. Seeing that from an early age sparked an interest in business. The world and everything in it, is constantly evolving. Businesses face the same challenge hence the need for the continuous improvement ethos and implementation of effective solutions to enable survival in the future.

How has CI Projects helped you in career development?

I am currently working on my first client project in the healthcare facilities management sector. This is a new environment for me where I am developing and making a difference and it will not be the last.


What is the best thing about working at CI Projects?

It’s the people that make the company and I genuinely like being part of this team of diverse and multi-skilled individuals. There’s also a positive culture of recognising team members’ contribution.




How does the company promote work-life balance? 

Personally, I’ve benefited greatly from being able to work remotely, very much the norm at CI Projects. There is also flexibility in working arrangements which I’ve found to be helpful. 


What advice would you give someone just starting their career?

Feel free to ask plenty of questions (something I could practice more of 😉) because you never know how/when your inquisitiveness is challenging those around you to improve.

Two ‘words’ your co-workers may use to describe you and why?

‘Team player’ – because I’d like to believe I am one :). Cue in one of my favourite quotes about the effect of teamwork…

” Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean” Ryanusoke Satoro.

‘Attentive to details’ – I like little details to the point of annoying some members of my family (names withheld).

Recommend a book/podcast you recently read/listened to. 

I’d like to share both if I may. Getting ‘lost’ in a good podcast is therapeutic for me. I recently listened to one titled ‘Winning with Habits’ from Chrystal’s Chronicles with Dr. Art Markman, a psychologist, focussing on how our brains work in the creation of habits.  

In the spirit of continuous improvement, I’ve been learning about Agile practices. In my quest I came across The Scrum Field book by J.J. Sutherland. It’s filled with practical approaches of successful implementations of the Scrum framework which I found fascinating.

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