Define it Improve it Sustain it

Lean Six Sigma Problem Solving

We apply our proven "Define It, Improve It, Sustain It" process, aligned with the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC framework, to tackle complex challenges, eliminate waste and drive continuous improvement using the data-driven approach.

With you, when the stuff hits the fan

This is for you if you’re experiencing…

  • Recurring problems that disrupt your operations and erode customer experience and employee morale.
  • Waste within your processes that leads to unnecessary expenses and hinders profitability.
  • Lack of clear insight, making it difficult to identify root causes of problems and implement the best solutions.
  • Constant reaction to issues instead of proactively identifying and addressing them.
  • Lack of a standardised and structured approach to problem-solving, leading to inconsistent results and missed opportunities.
  • Heavy reliance on intuition or guesswork when making decisions about process improvements rather than making informed data-driven decisions.

Logistics Process Improvement at National Physical Laboratory

Achieved an 80% reduction in process cycle time and reduced a £600k risk liability through improving the import and export process

In our experience, many organisations are drowning in recurring problems and inefficiencies – and at times like these, our Lean Six Sigma Problem Solving service can be a lifeline. We apply our proven “Define It, Improve It, Sustain It” process, aligned with the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC framework, to tackle complex challenges, eliminate waste and drive continuous improvement. This approach helps you identify root causes, implement data-driven solutions, and measure their effectiveness for lasting success.

Service Features

Every requirement is unique, so we’ll work with you to define your needs and craft a tailored solution that could involve any or all of the service features we offer, which include:

5-Day Lean Define and Conquer Sprint

We’ll help you launch your CI project in just 5 days. Our accelerator programme is designed to set you off on the right path and get the project started quickly. Our 5-day model engages your teams in the initial stages of defining your problem, establishing a baseline, exploring opportunities for improvement, and developing a high-level roadmap using a data-driven approach.

Lean Six Sigma Review

Comprehensive Lean Six Sigma review of your existing problem. This includes defining the problem and project scope, reviewing the “as is” processes, undertaking a root cause analysis, and conducting data analysis to quantify improvement opportunities. We’ll develop recommendations with “quick wins” and long-term initiatives, and a detailed roadmap to achieve maximum impact.

Lean Six Sigma Project Delivery

Our team of experienced Lean Six Sigma practitioners will lead and guide your project execution to implement effective solutions and measure the impact of your improvement initiatives to demonstrate Return-on-Investment (ROI). This ensures a structured and data-driven approach to achieving sustainable results.

To see what a different approach can do, email, call or connect with us on WhatsApp. When you’re ready, we’re with you.