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We’re not just bums on seats, we’re the best-suited people to serve your continuous
improvement needs. We work with you to understand requirements and then build a ‘Dream
Team’ with the necessary blend of skills and experiences required to deliver your objectives

Our diverse workforce of change and transformation specialists boasts extensive skills and
experience to solve the biggest challenges. Here are just some of our specialist expertise.

Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for the design, planning and day-to-day management of the project. Their role is to ensure the project is delivered on time, on budget and to quality to ensure all objectives are met. To achieve this, they have to manage resources, risks, issues, activities and stakeholders. They also have to report on progress regularly to the Project Sponsor and Project Board to ensure appropriate governance and traction.

It’s a tough job negotiating with stakeholders about each element of the equation, making decisions, staying laser-focused on the vision and spinning lots of plates – you could say they are a bit like a politician!

change manager

Hi, I’m Piotr, a Change Manager!

I play a key role in ensuring that change projects and initiatives meet objectives by increasing employee adoption and utilisation of the newly
implemented solutions. I focus on the people side of change – this involves preparing, supporting and equipping people for the changes that will impact them.

I work through our proven change processes to ensure that change matters, change happens and that change sticks. I spend time upfront to ensure that I really understand what’s going on so that I can tailor strategies to make a positive, immediate and lasting impact. This pays dividends, as here at CI Projects, we hate the ‘one size fits all’ approach –in reality, one size fits no one!


Hi, I’m John, a Lean Six Sigma Practitioner!

I am known as the the problem solver in the team. I lead efforts to design-out waste so that time is spent on the things that really matter – the things that add value to our customers. I also focus on reducing errors and variation in our processes to enable consistent delivery and optimal quality. I do this methodically by defining the problem and requirement, measuring performance, analysing root causes and identifying optimal improvements for implementation. After all that’s done, I implement effective controls to ensure any gains achieved are sustained. The work I do leads to sustainable efficiencies, profitability and improved customer experience.

Don’t you just hate it when changes don’t stick? I sure do, that’s why my proven approach is the winning ingredient –  it guarantees demonstrable benefits.

Programme Manager

Hi, I’m Michaela, a Programme Manager!

Unlike the Project Manager, I don’t oversee just one project; I oversee various projects and other strategic initiatives that make up a wider programme. These groups of projects need to be coordinated so closely to ensure that benefits are achieved, dependencies are managed and that scope creep is avoided. I often manage large teams of people and several stakeholders.

By bundling together a number of related projects into a programme, the benefits I deliver outweigh the benefits of managing the projects as individual units and I am able to keep my focus on the organisation’s overarching mission and goal.

Business ANalyst

Hi, I’m Sara, a Business Analyst!

I love processing, interpreting and documenting solutions to business problems and I always use a methodical and evidence-based approach. I analyse existing processes, systems and data to get under the skin of the problem, understand the causes of the problem and identify requirements and solutions.

I guess you could say I’m like a bridge – I bridge the gap between different teams and develop cohesive and easy-to-understand recommendations.

Data Analyst

Hi, I’m Svet, a Data Analyst!

I collect, organise and study data to provide business insights. I have a vast number of tools and techniques up my sleeve to aid data analysis and visualisation. I love using statistical analysis, algebra, calculus… I guess you could call me a bit of a mathematical genius!

PMO Manager

Hi, I’m Vijay, a PMO Manager!

I have oversight of all projects and programmes across the organisation and set clear and consistent standards to enable economies of repetition in the execution of projects. I play an important role in coordinating and governing projects, and in facilitating the transparency of information needed to make optimal decisions.

I often see competing priorities, finite resources and insufficient insights needed to accelerate strategic goals and realise benefits – so I come to the rescue by providing independent expert advice, assurance and absolute transparency of change initiatives.


Hi, I’m Rachel!

Our team is composed of a diverse mix of professionals, from different walks of life and backgrounds, who all share the passion and appetite to deliver positive results. Struggling with strategy development or execution? Need help with redesigning your Target Operating Model? Or perhaps you just need some help with facilitation to achieve productive outcomes from a workshop?

Just give us a call, we’d love to hear from you! Click here.

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