Our culture

Celebrate the different

We’re not for everyone. But if you’re tired of the corporate clones and interested in how a different approach can lead to different results, we might just be the partners you’re looking for…

Over 70% female workforce & a female-founded company

30% of our team represent ethnic minorities

+100 Employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) & +100 Client Net Promotor Score (NPS)

Award-winning culture of diversity & inclusion

It takes an out-of-the-ordinary culture to deliver extraordinary results

What is it that makes us a different sort of company to work with? Firstly, we encourage talented individuals to take personal responsibility – and then we trust them to deliver. At the same time, we foster teamwork and understand the importance of giving our people the support they need to thrive, both individually and collectively. And we work hard to create an environment where enthusiasm and drive gets recognised, shared, and rewarded.

We believe in approaching every project with an open mind. We know there’s always a better way; we just need to work hard, apply some common-sense (which is often far from common) and find it. That’s why we value diversity of thought, people and perspectives – it frees us up, oils the wheels and leads to fresh thinking.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Common-sense and pragmatism
  • Diversity
  • Fresh thinking
  • Enthusiasm
  • Total client focus
  • Results, results, results

From our earliest days, we’ve focused on building a business known for integrity and transparency. Continuous improvement is tough. It requires time. It takes trust and respect – qualities that are hard won but easily lost. Our client retention rate is at 100%, year on year. So we’re definitely doing something right.

No fluff, no guff, no “this’ll be good enough”. We aren’t like some of our competitors you might have come across. And we prove it – every day, in everything we do, on every project for every client.

The final bit that makes us different is about results. Business is business, and no amount of pretty PowerPoints can come close to the satisfaction and sense of achievement that you – and we – get from seeing the numbers go in the right direction.

Test us. We deliver.

To see what a different approach can do, email, call or connect with us on WhatsApp. When you’re ready, we’re with you.