LEGO® Problem Solving & Goal Setting Workshop 


Innovative, experiential learning experience that supports visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles


Hands-on workshop to stimulate imagination and team collaboration


Improve communication fluency and develop shared values


Problem solving and goal setting through story-making and symbolism

Our Approach

Before the workshop

Free telephone consultation with our specialist facilitator

Discuss the organisational context and nature of the problem and/ or goal

Confirm key stakeholders to be involved

Agree a schedule of dates convenient for you

During the workshop

Live and interactive workshop facilitated in-person

Build answers to questions using LEGO® bricks designed to inspire the use of metaphors and story making

Group collaboration and expression that engages the entire team

Reflection to distil some insights, areas for attention and areas for clarification

By the end of the workshop

A clear understanding of the problem you are trying to fix and the steps to solving it

A shared vision with defined goals and a roadmap for getting there

After the workshop

Communication fluency

Greater trust between the team

A focus on shared goals and problems needing to be resolved

An invigorating, memorable workshop that will inspire your workforce to deliver

A realistic and implementable plan to be owned by your teams

A follow-up call with one of our specialists to gauge the effectiveness of the workshop

You’ll walk away with…

Concepts that ‘Stick’

Key messages and concepts that ‘stick’ as the approach supports visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles

‘Out of the Box’ Thinking

Visual facilitation stimulates creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking, leading to new
idea generation and effective problem solving.

An Engaged and Skilled Workforce

Visual thinking exercises engage participants like nothing else & drive your change agenda forward. Employees will leave enthused, engaged and energised.

Post-Implementation Support

Our services extend past implementation. We conduct follow-up calls to gauge the effectiveness of the workshops and provide necessary support and guidance as needed.


£1100 + VAT

The not-so-small print:


  • The above price excludes any travel expenses which may be an additional cost.
  • The above price includes all facilitation materials.
  • The price includes workshop design, preparation, workshop facilitation and write-up. 
  • Meeting venues to be booked and paid for by the client directly.
  • We recommend no more than 12 delegates per training course to ensure optimal impact.

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