Lean Six Sigma Review (Full)


In-depth diagnosis of the problem you’re trying to fix


Get underneath the skin to identify the underlying root causes


Be presented with optimal solutions to maximise efficiency and value

Our Approach

Before the review

Free telephone consultation with our team of Lean Six Sigma practitioners

Discuss the problem and objectives

Confirm key stakeholders to be involved in the review process

Agree a schedule of dates convenient for you

During the review

A series of interviews and workshops with key stakeholders

Brown paper group exercises that engage the entire team

A deep-dive into the problem, customer expectations, measures, root causes and potential solutions

At the end of the review

A full understanding of the problem and its root causes

A full understanding of customer perceptions relating to the problem under review

Solution(s) that can rectify the problem and meet your desired objectives

A list of priorities and a roadmap to making improvements

Measures that can help you assess the effectiveness of your solution(s)

A presentation that maps out the review journey and findings

After the review

A realistic and implementable plan to be owned by your teams

A follow-up call with one of our Lean Six Sigma practitioners to gauge the effectiveness of the solutions and provide guidance

A replicable framework that can be adopted by your teams for continuous improvement

You’ll walk away with…

A Deeper Understanding of the Problem

It can feel daunting trying to tackle a large problem, it’s often difficult to know where to start. We will help you frame the problem clearly and accurately so that you and your teams quickly grasp the issue and are focussed on the ‘right’ problem area.

An Optimal, Evidence-Based Solution

You will be presented with solutions that have been validated based on evidence.  The solutions born from Lean Six Sigma reviews often result in improved efficiency, increased productivity, greater responsiveness and flexibility, and better quality and customer experience.

A Tried-and-Tested, Repeatable Framework

A simple, repeatable framework that you can apply to other areas of your business over and over again to generate sustained growth.

Post-Implementation Support

Our process consultation services extend past implementation. We conduct follow-up calls to gauge progress and the effectiveness of the solution so that we can provide necessary support and guidance as needed.

An Engaged, Accountable Workforce

A simple, repeatable framework that you can apply to other areas of your business over and over again to generate sustained growth.



The not-so-small print:

  • The Lean Six Sigma Review can be applied to a particular problem area.
  • The above price excludes any travel expenses which may be an additional cost depending on the location of your premises.

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