Stephen Entwisle

Sustainability Change Lead

I left Grammar School without career goals in mind. The Care Manager at a senior citizens home at which I did voluntary work, suggested that I try nursing. I applied for State Registered Nurse training at a local hospital and to my surprise graduated three years later. Twelve months after that I graduated as an Intensive Care Nurse and started a degree in Applied Biology.

On completing the degree, I was offered a research scientist position at GSK (Glaxo as was then). Over the next 19 years GSK gave me many fabulous opportunities, sponsored my PhD, and helped me to realise my strength in leading global programmes. For the last seven years I managed transformational change programmes, following a merger first with Welcome and then SmithKlineBeecham. Recognising the incredible experience in managing transformational change that GSK had given me, I decided to leave GSK to set-up my own management consulting business in transformational change.

My interest in sustainability was probably initially kindled by my Economics lecturer at university, ironically because of the concern at that time that fossil fuel reserves would soon be depleted, and the lights would go out. But it was only after listening to, and talking with, leading horticultural sustainability activists, after undertaking a leading landscape design course for fun, that I started in 2018 to actively contribute by developing an outline framework for sustainable landscape design.

In 2019, Kiran and I co-founded the social enterprise, Morph, with other members of the team. The focus was on societal sustainability and this led us to developing our first training programme on leading and managing sustainability change. Due to the pandemic in 2020, we decided to put this venture on hold and focus on what we could impact through CI Projects. In early 2021 Kiran and I both undertook Cambridge University courses in sustainability change leadership.

Aside from my interest in landscape design, I enjoy reading novels, the theatre, genetic and genealogical ancestry, culture, hikes and travels with family.

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