Jack Cunningham

Business Analyst

I am a hardworking and honest individual with a creative flair. I joined the CI Projects team in July 2018 and have already learned so much from my experience thus far. I am relishing the challenge and opportunity that CI Projects has given me.

Having studied American Studies at University, I would like to continue my education at some point in the future. As my studies suggest, I am extremely fascinated by all things Amerciana, be it cultural, economic, political, et cetera… I am very much open to living Stateside in future.

I enjoy playing football, going gym, skateboarding, video-games and graphic design. I play football multiple times a week including 5-a-side, 7-a-side and 11-a-side games. Having played football for most of my life, it has taught me many lessons about teamwork, dedication, effort and application. Similarly, I love to watch football and I am an avid West Ham United fan and a season-ticket holder. I also write about football, having contributed to multiple online sports-media outlets for a number of years.

I have ambitions to create a streetwear clothing line influenced by London, football-terrace fashion, and skateboarding. Fashion has always intrigued me, the way in which it both reflects and shapes modes of culture. Moreover, streetwear often portrays a working-class lifestyle or image and is sold for extremely high prices. I want to create an affordable streetwear company, inspired by the streets, for the streets.

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