Eva Odediran

Office Manager

My background is in business and finance by training. I have worked in financial services, retail, pharmaceutical, food and cultural relations in various capacities. I am excited about my journey at CI Projects and working with the rest of the team to drive and sustain positive change in our clients.


Music takes me to my happy place and on the occasional down time, thrilling crime dramas and romantic ones too are my thing. The kids and I enjoy singing and dancing to ‘baby shark’ and lots more interesting tunes (Daddy does have hilarious periodic cameos).


I do like to think creativity is embedded in my DNA as I love calligraphy and drawing, while I played the piano in my previous life I am convinced I’ll be an interior designer in the next. Lover of cake and all things sweet (hint: white chocolate if anyone is asking ;). I bake occasionally and relish the process of ‘remixing’ interesting recipes to create the desired taste, yum!


Travelling and experiencing the different cultures of the world as a family of 6 is very much on my agenda.

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