Benedicte Cormier

Change Management

Team player with CI Projects since 2017. A true believer of CI Projects’ 3 core values, which resonate so well with my own truths and ethos.

So a little about me… I love laughing, smiling, sharing, running, (and yes) shoes and bags, being with people and (trying to) be an inspiration to my 18-year old son.

I am passionate about team playing, leadership, motivation, delivering to the best of my ability and by default, I am a fixer, so I rejoice when challenged with some organisational or project-related issues.

I’ve spent nearly 2 decades working in “marcomms” for FMCG across an array of industries and more recently, combining my skills in the FM world to focus on change management.

Following some personal and health concerns, I became invested in supporting my local community as a thank you for the support I had received, and took up Trusteeship to two not-for-profit organisations. In my few spare hours, I like to grab some fabric or yarn to make bags, a hobby that in time, I hope can turn into a financial and social venture and maybe bring me closer to Marc Jacobs.

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