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We’ll define the problem and create a sound roadmap to deliver the results you need. Watch the video to find out more.

Look before you leap

Project success hinges on defining the problem and root causes so that you have the right solutions. With over 90% of the projects we’re asked to work on, the desired endpoint has already been identified before the problem has been fully understood.

We’ll work with you to accurately define and agree what needs fixing. Then we’ll identify the right trajectory and help you get to where you want to be.

Strategy Workshop at ITV

Delivered a Strategy Workshop for ITV, the British Television Broadcasting Network, to support their 2026 Vision of becoming a leader in UK Streaming.

Define it is the first step of the CI journey

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Define it Improve it Sustain it

Strategy Development

CI Projects will guide you through a structured strategy development process to define your vision, set achievable goals, and develop a roadmap for achieving them.
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Define it Improve it Sustain it

Target Operating Model Design

Holistic approach to analysing your current operations, bringing people, processes and technology together. We identify areas for improvement and design a future-proof operating model that aligns with your strategic goals and streamlines your operation.
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Define it Improve it Sustain it

Lean Six Sigma Problem Solving

We apply our proven “Define It, Improve It, Sustain It” process, aligned with the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC framework, to tackle complex challenges, eliminate waste and drive continuous improvement using the data-driven approach.
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