CI Projects joins National Campaign for Ethical Recruitment

The #Care4Candidates campaign launched nationally today and we are delighted to announce our support for this important movement.

#Care4Candidates is a Social Movement introduced by OD Talent Solutions focused on ensuring that candidates receive the level of respect and care they deserve during the recruitment process.

With an increase in unemployment rates due to pressures resulting from the pandemic, this has never been more essential. Many people have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the recruitment process as a whole and have shared their awful experiences of searching for jobs and engaging with recruiters. A negative recruitment experience can significantly damage a person’s morale and the company’s reputation, harming any future relationships.

At CI Projects, our values are Collaboration, Integrity and Passion. We have always put people at the heart of everything we do and this starts with recruitment. We invest heavily in ensuring we communicate effectively, consistently, and thoughtfully throughout the recruitment process.  Diversity is also at the heart of our operation and we love the energy and knowledge that comes from recruiting individuals from different backgrounds.

  1. We are open and honest about the job opportunities we have available.
  2. We ensure that we have a fair and transparent selection process – one that encourages Equality and Diversity in our workforce.
  3. We are committed to giving timely outcomes and usable feedback following an interview process.
  4. We endeavour to do business with companies who use the same ethical practice when recruiting on our behalf.

Kiran Kachela, CI Projects’ Managing Director said:

“It’s time to move away from a deal-driven and impersonal recruitment process to a more thoughtful and respectful process that puts people first. The recruitment experience is incredibly influential in one’s career, it can literally change the course of someone’s life and set a precedent for what’s to come. People are our top priority and we’re passionate about creating a stand-out recruitment experience. This is why we’ve signed up for this important campaign – we are committed to influencing and orchestrating change for the better.”

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