CI Projects Earns Recognition as the Most Trusted Corporate Transformation Consultancy 2024

CI Projects Team

CI Projects is thrilled to announce it has been named the Most Trusted Corporate Transformation Consultancy 2024 by SME News‘ prestigious Business Elite Awards. This award recognises our commitment to building trust with clients and guiding them through their CI journeys.

The Business Elite Awards acknowledge outstanding achievements within the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector. Receiving this award from SME News, a respected publication dedicated to supporting SMEs, holds a special significance.

“Earning the trust of our clients is everything,” says Kiran Kachela, CEO and Founder of CI Projects. “This award, recognising us as the Most Trusted Corporate Transformation Consultancy, is a true honor. It reflects the dedication we have to building strong, long-term client relationships and delivering results that empower them to thrive.”

We partner closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and develop a tailored solutions that delivers measurable results. This award serves as further validation of CI Projects’ commitment to excellence. We look forward to continuing to empower businesses to achieve their strategic goals and to support them on their CI journey.