CI Projects acquires a new office

CI Projects have acquired an office in one of the Capital’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan districts, near London Bridge station. Our contemporary private office boasts views of the Shard, a roof terrace perfect for the summer months, and is situated in a prime position on the corner of Borough High Street and close to the world-famous Borough Market.

We are a “people business” and so people-centricity and culture is the hallmark of our success since the

company’s founding in 2012, and a primary reason why we have decided to invest in a space for us to work together. We believe that in-person interactions are integral to the eco-system of our company.

As our team continues to grow, now is a good opportunity to reimagine the team and client experience and develop a future of work approach that leverages the best of in-person and virtual interactions to foster creativity, innovation, and culture. Working together in the office can really help to develop a sense of shared purpose and strengthen our community. Collaboration is much more dynamic when you can pop over to the next desk or brainstorm in a room together, bouncing ideas and feeding off each other. Communication, collaboration and innovation are the main drivers for the decision.

Our team is intentionally composed of a diverse mix of professionals, from different walks of life and backgrounds, who all share the passion and appetite to deliver positive results. In a creative business like ours, nothing can replace the ability to connect, observe and create with peers when being physically together, nor the opportunity to grow professionally by learning. At CI Projects we promote a learning culture and want to make learning part of the daily rhythms of being together.

We’re embracing a hybrid working model that combines the best of both worlds, where our team gets the flexibility to work on client sites, at our office as well as remotely during the week. Our approach is based on balancing flexibility, productivity, and collaboration.

This is a significant milestone in our growth journey and a brand new chapter for us; we are very excited to share this news with you.