Most of us would be prompted to think there is a mistake in the above sentence. Indeed, how could CHANGE possibly be A CONSTANT when by definition it means ‘make (someone or something) different; alter or modify’?

Add to the mix the notion of UNCERTAINTY and no wonder this sentence could read as a mistake if you only scan over it.

However, if you actually stop, reflect and think about it you realise that the only way to adapt to uncertainty IS indeed to change.

This can only be possible if we decide to change at an individual level and this is when it gets complicated but also really interesting.

Our reptilian brain is not comfortable with change. Its primal role is ensuring our survival! The very idea of change is enough to put us in the Freeze/Flee/Fight mode. Our challenge, therefore, translates into facing and transcending our inner fears, anxiety and vulnerability.

It takes a lot of dedication, determination, willpower and love to be able to acknowledge these feelings, converse with them, lean into them and not fight them so we can feel strong and confident enough to step out of our comfort zone, set up goals and intentions and ultimately TAKE ACTION! 

So change is tough! We clearly don’t like it, our colleagues, friends and family don’t like it (resistance to change often comes from those around us) and our societal and corporate worlds may not be ready for it. 

We are indeed being told that AGILITY and MOBILITY are key to succeed in these times of uncertainty.  But are organisations ready to embrace change? These changes need to translate beyond updates to job descriptions; it requires thinking outside the box, being collaborative and experimental, challenging the status quo, redefining the modus vivendi, investing in tools and processes, and acting as pioneers within your industry. In short, organisations need to be ready to TAKE A CHANCE on people, on projects, on change.

This is not easy as change also means ‘replacing (something) with something else that is newer or better‘! NO pressure whatsoever!

But if we don’t try ‘IT’, if we don’t plan for ‘IT’, if we don’t give ‘IT’ a chance we may pass by wonderful encounters and realisations! We can do better than that! We owe ourselves and the world more than that! 

So, let’s turn the global circumstances, traumas or limited beliefs into FUEL and TAKE ACTION TO MAKE A CHANGE! 


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