Waste Management Improvement at UK’s National Metrology Institute

Waste sent to landfill was eliminated

Increased recycling rate

Reduced subcontractorspend

Training and processes fostered a culture of sustainability

CI Projects are consultants with Lean Six Sigma skills that are second to none. They approach complex business problems methodically and present solutions in a format that is incredibly easy to understand. They really do spearhead a culture of continuous improvement in every interaction, driving behaviours from reactive problem solving to proactive problem prevention.

Elisa Allsop, Transition General Manager

Define it

The UK’s National Metrology Institute was committed to environmental responsibility, yet their waste management practices fell short. General and recyclable waste were not properly segregated, raising concerns about environmental impact and missed recycling opportunities. Applying our Lean-Green approach, we interrogated the waste composition data and revealed that only 11% of waste was recycled, with the rest being sent to an energy-from-waste (EfW) facility.

Improve it

CI Projects was brought in to help our client optimise their waste management system. Here’s what they did using our Lean-Green approach:

  • Baseline assessment: A comprehensive review identified key stakeholders, existing waste streams, and service provider contracts.
  • Data analysis: Analysed data available to identify trends, behaviours and opportunities for improvement.
  • Root cause analysis: Developed a Value Stream Map (VSM) and conducted staff interviews which identified inefficiencies such as lack of segregation, unclear labeling, and infrequent collections.
  • Simplified process: Streamlined procedures to make recycling easier and more intuitive.
  • Visual Management Boards (VMB): Clear bin signage fostered better waste sorting practices.
  • Optimised logistics: Adjusted collection frequencies and bin locations which led to maximised efficiency.

Sustain it

We implemented a multi-pronged sustainable approach to promote responsible waste management. This included:

  • Data-driven decisions: Improved data collection and reporting, leading to valuable insights for continuous improvement.
  • Engaging training: Developed and delivered educational programs to empowere staff to properly segregate waste at the source and be more environmentally-conscious.

By working closely with the UK’s National Metrology Institute and applying our unique Lean-Green methodology, we established a waste management system that prioritises both environmental responsibility and economic savings.

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