Voice of the Customer and Workplace Design at JC Decaux

Engagement with all departments, fostering ownership

Enabled office space utilisation based on customer insights

New workplace strategy & design

Future-proof solution to meet the evolving workforce needs

The findings have been very insightful.


Define it

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a re-evaluation of work models and office space utilisation. JCDecaux, known for its iconic bus-stop advertising and billboards, sought to optimise their workplaces with a workplace design execise for a transformed future. We partnered with JCDecaux to conduct a comprehensive “Voice of the Customer” (VoC) exercise across all key departments. We began by defining the overall purpose of this exercise and identifying key stakeholders.

Improve it

We conducted one-on-one interviews to capture employee perceptions and ideas on workspace design. Our Lean Voice of the Customer methodology ensured targeted questions, data analysis, and insightful categorisation for priority setting.

Sustain it

By actively listening to employees, JCDecaux created a space that empowers their team and fosters a collaborative environment. This approach enabled an employee-centric workplace design to ensure workplace optimisation and long-term success.

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