Training to Establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE) at Carnival Group

Enhanced process improvement & problem solving capabilities

Over 260% increase in skill ability

Over 100% increase in confidence to use new tools & methods

Cohesive training in Process Mapping, Problem Solving & Change Management

The interactive activities really helps to cement the tools with real life examples.

Training delegate

Define it

Carnival Group, the world’s largest cruise line operator, is renowned for its innovative approach to guest experiences. They consistently strive to optimise processes and deliver exceptional service across their global fleet. They recognised the value of Lean Six Sigma for optimising processes and driving efficiency across their geographically dispersed teams. They needed a solution to:

  • Develop internal Lean Six Sigma expertise: Equip Carnival employees with the skills and knowledge to identify and eliminate process waste.
  • Develop internal Change Management expertise: Equip Carnival employees with the skills and confidence they need to manage resistance and change.
  • Develop process improvement expertise: Equip Carnival employees with process mapping skills using BPMN to enable them to document and optimise their internal processes.
  • Establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE): Foster a core team of champions to lead internal process improvement initiatives.

Improve it

CI Projects partnered with Carnival Group to deliver a our Lean Six Sigma, Change Management and Process Mapping training programme, encompassing:

  • Interactive in-person learning: Engaging training covering methodology, tools, and techniques.
  • Collaborative learning environment: Forums and breakout sessions encouraged knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning among participants.
  • Project-based learning: Participants applied their newly acquired skills to real-world Carnival Group projects, ensuring practical application of their new skills.

Sustain it

We provided some dedicated coaching sessions focused on from the training for additional reinforcement and support. This initiative positions Carnival Group to continuously improve processes, drive efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge in the global engineering and consulting landscape.