Target Operating Model Design for a Government Company

£700k Reduction in agency spend

Improved recruitment strategy

Improved productivity

Sustainable data management

We struggled to get a handle on the current state. It is nice to finally feel in control with better visibility of our data and it has helped us with our recruitment strategy.

Operations Director

Define it

A newly formed government-owned company, established in a short timeframe with no handover period, faced significant challenges in managing its workforce. A thorough analysis to define the problem uncovered the following challenges:

  • High staff turnover: Frequent staff changes made it difficult to track personnel across nearly 50 geographically dispersed sites.
  • Limited data visibility: Multiple data sources and a lack of a central repository hampered resource management and accurate workforce reporting.
  • Inefficient operations: Manual processes and limited insights hindered recruitment, cost control, and staff safety and wellbeing initiatives.
  • No defined recruitment strategy: Lack of a defined recruitment strategy led to inconsistent hiring practices across different departments and locations, potentially hindering recruitment of top talent.

Improve it

We implemented a multi-phase approach to overcome these challenges:

  • Baseline establishment: Analysed data from various sources, including external partners, to establish a foundation for future improvements.
  • Real-time tracking: Developed new processes (initially manual) to capture ongoing staff changes and maintain data accuracy.
  • Target Operating Model (TOM) development: Collaborated with leadership to define a new model that addressed individual site and department needs.
  • Data-driven decision making: Leveraged insights from the established baseline to optimise operations.

Sustain it

We provided data-driven insights to help the government company stabilise and optimise its operation. Through a multi-phased approach, we empowered the new company to gain control of its workforce management, leading to significant cost savings, improved productivity, and a robust foundation for future growth using data.

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