System Analysis at University of Oxford

Documented over 50 processes to provide visibility & clarity

Data-driven approach to system requirements

Waste reduction opportunities identified

A solid foundation for software development

Great piece of work CI Projects!


Define it

The University of Oxford‘s property management system implementation project faced roadblocks due to:

  • Unclear requirements: Lack of documented processes led to gaps in system analysis and requirements.
  • Manual and workaround-heavy processes: Existing systems relied heavily on manual workarounds and spreadsheets, hindering efficiency.
  • Data and documentation gaps: Decisions were based on anecdotal feedback, not concrete data, increasing project risk.
  • Previous solution misalignment: Prior solutions failed to meet user needs, impacting morale and progress.

Improve it

CI Projects intervened midway to provide much-needed clarity for University of Oxford through system analysis:

  • “As-Is” Process mapping: Documented over 50 process maps across 3 teams, detailing current workflows.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) collaboration: Facilitated workshops with key personnel to ensure process accuracy.
  • Waste analysis with TIMWOODS Lean method: Identified areas of waste and inefficiency within existing processes.
  • Prioritised requirements and solutions: Developed a waste analysis report highlighting key improvement opportunities.

Sustain it

The waste analysis report provided clear recommendations and a guide on how to deliver these so that employees were empowered to drive change. By providing process clarity, data-driven insights, and waste analysis, we ensure successful system implementations that met user needs and improved efficiency.

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