Strategy Workshop at ITV

Technology strategy developed to support evolution

Strategic alignment with ITV’s vision

High-impact strategy workshop facilitation

A roadmap for strategy execution

Thank you very much for coming and spending the day with us. We all found it very useful and a very good platform to move forward from. We definitely needed your facilitation skills and wealth of knowledge to keep us on the right track!

Head of Workplace Technology

Define it

ITV, the UK’s leading broadcaster, is undergoing a rapid strategic transformation to become a leader in streaming and a global content powerhouse. This requires a modernised workplace technology strategy to support their evolving needs. Previously focused on maintaining existing systems, the Workplace Technology team needed to redefine their strategy and roadmap to align with ITV’s 2026 vision. We worked closely with the Head of Workplace Technology to design a bespoke strategy workshop to define their strategy.

Improve it

CI Projects facilitated a high-impact strategy workshop to reconnect and realign the technology team around ITV’s evolving vision and business goals. During the workshop, we helped them develop an actionable roadmap with a clear and practical plan for achieving long-term objectives. We ensured the workshop was engaging and thought-provoking to foster creativity and collaboration and reshape the strategy.

Sustain it

By the end of the workshop, the team had a roadmap with actions, owners and timescales, providing a clear path towards executing their strategy. CI Projects helped ITV establish a future-proof workplace technology strategy.

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