Strategy Development and Execution at Gov Facility Services Ltd

Clearly defined vision and mission

Aligned functional strategies

Improved comms

Enhanced employee engagement

An effective strategy development and execution process and one that we can replicate each year.

Transformation Director

Define it

A government-owned company, Gov Facility Services Ltd (GFSL), formed to maintain essential prison services, needed to transition from stabilisation to growth. They sought to develop a long-term strategy and empower employees for future success. The first step was to define the organisational purpose.

Improve it

CI Projects partnered with the Board and leadership teams to design and implement a comprehensive strategy. Here’s what we did:

  • Strategic assessment: Evaluated the existing strategy in the current market landscape.
  • Vision & mission definition: Guided Board Directors in crafting a clear vision and mission.
  • SMART objective setting: Collaborated with the Board to develop measurable goals (SMART).
  • High-level strategy development: Worked with the Board to define the overall strategy and tactics.
  • Leadership alignment: Validated the strategy with senior leaders and incorporated their feedback.
  • Functional strategy development: Facilitated functional teams in creating mission, objectives, strategy, and tactics aligned with the company-wide goals.
  • Breaking down silos: Coordinated presentations across functions to foster understanding and collaboration.
  • Communication strategy: Developed communication materials and a cascade approach to ensure all levels of the organisation received clear messaging.
  • Employee feedback mechanisms: Implemented channels to capture feedback from frontline staff.
  • Rollout audit: Conducted an audit to assess the effectiveness of communication and strategy awareness.

All of this led to robust strategy development and execution.

Sustain it

This strategy development and execution exercise yielded a robust framework that could be replicated year after year. A post-rollout audit confirmed that over 90% of surveyed employees across various functions understood the refreshed strategy. By partnering with CI Projects, this government company established a clear roadmap for growth, positioning them for a successful and sustainable future.

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